St Andrew's Church Choir

St Andrew's Church has a robed choir and leads the 'Sung Mass' in 4-part harmony and sings an anthem during the Eucharist at the 10.00 am service each Sunday (with the exception of 'Family Mass')

The Choir rehearses a varied program ranging from classical works to more modern compositions, every Friday at 7.15pm, with  younger members meeting at 6.45 pm.

we encourage their involvement in the RSCM 'Voice for Life' program. Lessons in Music Theory, Piano and Organ, following the  ABRSM syllabus are also offered

If you are interested in joining the Choir, or to find out more,

please contact Stuart Jeffs on 07910 484505 or by email>.

The ability to read music is not essential as full training will be given.

Director of Music / Principal Organist: Stuart Jeffs  (MCertNMSM FSCO)
Asst.Director of Music / Asst.Organist: Janet Fleming 

St Andrew's Church Parish Choir 2013

Well today is a very sad day! A young lady who has been part of St Andrews choir is leaving the UK and returning to the country of her birth, Ghana. 
She came to Birmingham six years ago as a young 13 year old, to live with her older sister and her family in Handsworth. 

I have worked closely with her at St Andrews and given her a musical education and we became very good friends. It has been like having another Daughter. 
Sadly she has spent the last five weeks at an Immigration Detention Centre in Bedford, under the threat of deportation. In spite of several appeals, a change in legislation means she cannot remain with her family here in the UK.

She has bravely took the decision to return voluntarily to Ghana, to avoid the stigma of deportation and retain her dignity.
She has grown into a lovely, caring young lady whose enthusiasm, personality, faith and smile won her many friends. It has been a pure pleasure to have known her and to see her blossom.
We will all miss her very much, but the modern world, however cruel and unjust it appears, is also a much smaller one and technology means we can all keep in touch. 
Our love and prayers go with her as she starts a new chapter in her life. God bless her.

St Andrew's Church Parish Choir 2013

Margaret Mensah (Alto) and Margaret Zaccheus (Soprano) 

receive their RSCM Light Blue Award 2014.

Glory Omenma now a full member May 2016

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