St Andrew's Music List

St Andrew's Church use a setting of the Mass written and composed by David Thorne along with all hymns from

 'Anglican Hymns Old & New', unless otherwise specified, for the Sung Mass service each Sunday at 10.00 am.

St Andrew's Church Choir also sing an Anthem during the Eucharist.

June Hymns -  2019

Service Date

Service Name

Hymn Type

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7th Sunday of Easter

Family Mass

Introit 31 Alleluia, Alleluia, give thanks to the risen Lord
Gradual 222 Gloria (Clap Hands)
Offertory 687 Take my life and let it be
Communion 73 Bind us together Lord
Communion 431 Let us break bread together
Communion 463 Lord Jesus Christ
Closing 52 At the name of Jesus



Sung Mass

Introit 248 God of grace and God of glory
Gradual 311 Holy Spirit, come, confirm us
Offertory 87 Breathe on me, breath of God
Communiion 675 Spirit of the living God
Closing 590 On the day of Pentecost


Trinity Sunday

Sung Mass

Introit 142 Come ye faithful, raise the anthem
Gradual 467 Lord of all hopefulness
Offertory 422 Lead us, Heavenly Father, lead us
Communion 213 Gather around for the table is spread
Closing 120 Come down, O love divine


Trinity 1

Sung Mass

Introit 556 O Jesus I have promised
Gradual 275 Guide me, O thou great redeemer
Offertory 198 For the healing of the nations
Communion 61 Be still and know that I am God
Closing 777 To God be the glory


Trinity 2

Sung Mass

Introit 798 We have a Gospel to proclaim
Gradual 840 Ye holy angels bright
Offertory 328 I come with Joy
Communion 90 Broken for me
Closing 454 Lord, for the years