Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I book a funeral at St Andrew's?

Contact an undertaker and let them know you want to book a service at St Andrew's.

Q. Is it only for church members?

No: we are glad for the church to be widely used for funerals, and it is specially suitable when many people are expected

Q. Does it cost extra to have a Funeral in Church?

It can do, if you are going to the crematorium afterwards. However, if you are going to the cemetery it may well be cheaper. St Andrew's is very close to Handsworth Cemetery & Perry Barr & West Bromwich crematoriums.

Q. Will we be able to arrange the sort of service we want?

Yes, the clergy from St Andrew's will spend time with you before the funeral working out the service that you would like and offering you any advice you need.

Q. Does anything happen after the Funeral?

Yes, the name of the person who has died will be mentioned in the prayers of the Church in the week after the funeral. Also, the family will be invited to a memorial service a few months after the funeral, and the clergy are always ready to offer any help or advice needed, or just provide a listening ear.

Q. Are the names of those who have died remembered at St Andrew's?

Yes, you can ask for a name to be placed in the book of memory and read out each year on the Sunday immediately before the anniversary of the death.

If you have any further questions please contact one of the clergy. We will always try to accommodate you.