Children and Young People
Children and young people are a visible part of the life at St Andrew’s. Some families attend with pre-school children who may gather in the
crèche. The Sunday School caters for a mixed age group of between 6 and 10 children. Sunday School follows the lectionary and we
share our experiences with the whole Church at the end of the service. The children and young people who attend seem to have fun and
enjoy a wide variety of activities while furthering their Christian faith.
Parties and trips are organised on a regular basis. We have strong links with Elmwood United Reform Church and encourage children to
attend some of the activities organised..

Including children in the life of the Church has not been without tension. Finding a place for vocal toddlers and bored teenagers in a formal
Anglo-catholic service often proves difficult. The hope that our regular monthly Family Mass would address some of the needs of our young
people while also welcoming new families to the life of St Andrew’s has not been realised.

The sense of community does sustain some young people and a few teenagers have remained to take up roles such as servers. However
there are parents in Church who are looking for something to offer their young people. In the future we would like to look at new ways to
engage and grow the number of children and young people who attend.