This calendar was inspired by two sisters. Myself Val and my sister Elaine. One an avid dog walker (Elaine) the other just an avid walker (Me). Our walks took us to the beautiful Sandwell Valley each morning where we each experienced such beautiful scenes. This led to us being so inspired by what we saw which is the breathtaking beauty of God’s creation called nature we decided to put together a collection of our best morning scenes and to share them with the world and this is how we came about ‘Sunrise Calendar’  a calendar that represents not only the months of the year but the beautiful inspirational scenes.  We hope you enjoy and appreciate how lucky we are and how great God truly is.

Thank you to Narla who needed to be walked every day enabling me to see these beautiful scenes 

Thank you to Elaine who inspired and encouraged me to get fit enabling me to discover such beauty, peace and spirituality.