1. The Main South Door will be opened at 09:45am.

2. On entering Church, using the South Door, please allow for social distancing.

3. You must sanitise your hands and you must wear a mask.  Names will be checked against the Contact List or new names and contact details taken for Track-And-Trace.

4. Place your offering in the Alms Dish on the way into Church.

5. Please sit as directed by the signs on the seats.  If you are in a household bubble, you may move the signs so that you can sit together, but please allow for appropriate distancing.

6. At the time the service is due to begin the doors will be closed and no-one will be admitted to the Church once the service has started.

7. The Celebrant alone is permitted to remove their mask during the service.

8. At the communion, in bread only, please move to the front (following the directions given), allowing for social distancing, using the central aisle, beginning with those seated at the back and taking each section of the Nave separately.  When you get to the front remove your face covering, extend your arms fully with your hands open, palm on top of palm, and the Celebrant (wearing a face covering) will drop the consecrated bread onto your hands.  Consume immediately, replace your face covering and return to your seat using the side aisles.

10. At the end of the service, maintaining social distancing, please leave by the designated exit, the North Door via the corridor leading to the Good Shepherd Hall. Mind the step just by the door.  

Thank you for helping us help you to stay safe.”